In November 2004, The Children's Legal Centre (CLC) provided updated
guidance commissioned by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) in a document
called 'Bullying: A Guide to the Law.' You can access the document from
the link below:

Bullying: A Guide to the law

This is a very useful and informative guide covering in depth on
issues such as:

The guide also has some sample letters of complaint should the need arise.

Why Should Bullying Concern Schools?

What Does The Law Say in brief?

Children Act (1989)

All state schools have a duty to ensure the safety and to protect the emotional well-being of every person in its care. If a young person is being harassed or abused, the school must take action to protect them. The duty of care is the same for all. Young people who are lesbian or gay or are being homeiphobically bullied must be offered no lesser a standard of care than their peers, or indeed, offered inappropriate care.

Education Act (2002)

(Education Act - 2002. Chapter 32. London: The Stationary Office)

Human Rights Act (1998)

(Human Rights Act - 1998. Chapter 42. London: The Stationary Office)

National Healthy School Guidance

(Department for Education and Employment - 1999)

OFSTED Framework for Inspecting Schools (Effective September 2003)

Inspectors will assess the extent to which the school:

seeks, values and acts on pupils' views

Inspectors will assess the extent to which the school actively enables pupils to:

Inspectors will assess the extent to which pupils:

Inspectors will assess the extent to which teachers:

And the extent to which:

(OFSTED - 2003. Inspecting Schools: Framework for Inspecting Schools. HMI 1525. London: OFSTED)

Race Relations (Amendment) Act (2000)

(Race relations (Amendment) Act 2000. Chapter 34. London: The Stationary Office)

School Standards Framework Act (1998)

'the head teacher shall determine measures (which may include the making of rules and provisions for enforcing them) to be taken with a view to . . . . .b) encouraging good behaviour and respect for others on the part of pupils and, in particular, preventing all forms of bullying among pupils.'

(School Standards and Framework Act - 1998. Chapter 31. London: The Stationary Office)

Social Inclusion: Pupil Support - (DfES Circular 10/99)

'The emotional distress caused by bullying in whatever form - be it racial, or as a result of a child's appearance, behaviour or special educational needs, or related to sexual orientation - can prejudice school achievement, lead to lateness or truancy and, in extreme cases, end with suicide.'

(DfES - 1999. Social Inclusion: Pupil Support Circular 10/99. London: DfES)

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UK 1991)


(United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - 1989)

Every Child Matters

The Government has now created a separate fully comprehensive web site titled 'Every Child Matters.' This includes details of and downloadable key documents and appropriate and current news bulletins and events.

To go to this site follow the link below: