Let's Stop Bullying is an anti bullying initiative created by Force Media and is aimed at raising public awareness in local communities about bullying.

Touching on a wide range of sensitive issues the aim is to break down the barriers and bring the issues out in the open.

Our media provides a gateway to resources which children, young people and adults can access to provide them with useful and discreet advice.

We hope this will in turn provide and promote a secure and safe environment within the community.

Force Media
Captain Bully

Hi my name is Captain Bully. It is my job to promote awareness of all aspects of bullying and I hope you find the information and help you require on my site!

You may not believe this, but I was a bully when I was younger. I would bully other kids in my school - calling them names, pushing them in school corridors, stealing their lunch. I was really HORRIBLE.

It was only a few years later, when I had left school, that I realised how horrible and frightening I was. It wasn’t until my younger sister was bullied at school, which made me realise how terrible this was. This brought it all back to me and made me realise how much of a disliked person I must have been.

It's not nice seeing someone you love going to school and coming home unhappy to the point where they didn't want to go to school. And all because of selfless, cold, selfish people like me. It's only when you grow up you realise how bad this act is and the pain it causes other people. I've seen the light...You can to.

I put all my time and effort now in to helping, promoting and supporting Anti bullying.